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The University for the Future Initiative is supported and advanced by an international network of scholars and practitioners in partnership with the UNESCO Chair for Social Learning and Sustainable Development at Wageningen University, The Netherlands.

If you also support the vision and the mission of the U4F Initiative we are glad to receive your bio brief.

Endorsement Dr Joseph Abazaami is a development planner working as Research Fellow at the Institute for Continuing Education and Interdisciplinary Research of the University for Development Studies (Ghana). He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Geography and Resource Development, a Master’s degree in Development Planning and Management, and a Ph.D in Spatial Planning from the University of Dortmund (Germany).

Aryadeep Acharya resides in the international community of Auroville in South India. Since 1990 he is contributing to the development of this community into a unique universal township that serves the future of humanity. In Auroville there are institutions like the Last School and the Future School, among other innovative institutions for learning.

Endorsement Geert Acke is an organizational development practitioner, coach, program manager and founder of Radical Integrity. His vision is to see people and teams create value in healthy, caring organisations. He is a Consciousness Coaching trainer, a certified project manager (PMI), and currently leads a program transforming the way of working at the international NGO Euroconsumers.

Dr Gaudenz Assenza is managing director of Institutions for the Future and chairs the University for the Future Initiative. He has taught at prestigious universities, including King’s College London (UK), IE Madrid (Spain) and the Friedrich Schiller University of Jena (Germany). He has also managed international projects in the sphere of leadership like the School for Transformative Leadership, and worked with various international companies and organisations, including the World Bank.

Dr Irena Ateljevic initiated and leads the Feniks Foundation for Developing Human Potential and Innovative Actions in Croatia. She is also Visiting Professor at Wageningen University (The Netherlands) and at Vern University of Applied Sciences (Croatia). Her research passion lies in the transmodern and transdiciplinary space of commitment to hopeful scholarship and caring action that awakens the power of individual agency towards building more just futures for the world.

EndorsementDr Philippe Blanca works at the Alliance for the Future in Luxembourg.

Endorsement Anouk Brack is an EMCC certified coach in leadership development. She is the only certified trainer in Leadership Embodiment in the Netherlands. Anouk is founding director of the AnoukA Training. She works as a senior professional skills trainer at Wageningen University (The Netherlands) at the Chair Group Education and Competence Studies. She developed and offers the master courses “Integral Leadership for Sustainability” and “Intuitive Intelligence.”

Endorsement Dr Søren Brier is Professor of Semiotics in Information, Cognition and Communication Sciences at the Department of International Business Communication, Copenhagen Business School (Denmark). He is the creator of the transdisciplinary framework Cybersemiotics, founder and editor-in-chief of Cybernetics & Human Knowing, co-founder of the International Society for Biosemiotic Studies and its journal Biosemiotics, as well as member of the scientific board of The Science of Information Institute and of the Foundation of Information.

Endorsement Javier Collado Ruano is PhD Candidate at the Multi-Institutional and Multi-disciplinary Program in Dissemination of Knowledge at Federal University of Bahia (Brazil). He earned a Masters degree in Pedagogy from University of Seville (Spain) and graduated in History at University of Valencia (Spain) with a specialisation in International Relations from the University of Palermo (Italy). Javier served as International Volunteer Teacher in projects of development and cooperation in Peru. He is the president and founder of the NGO Educar para Vivir and editor-in-chief of Global Education Magazine which is supported by UNESCO and UNHCR.

Endorsement Dr Karim Fathi is project director for resilience at Steinbeis University in Berlin (Germany). Additionally he works as a conflict resolution advisor and lecturer at the Academy for Empathy and as a consultant in future and trend studies at the consulting firm Die Denkbank, both located in Berlin. He currently explores the Resilient Societies discourse from a multi-dimensional perspective.

Endorsement Dr Katy Fox is initiator and president of the Centre for Ecological Learning Luxembourg, a laboratory for the transition and for permaculture ethics. She is an activist, a permaculture teacher and a social anthropologist with a PhD from the University of Aberdeen (UK). She situates her thoroughly interdisciplinary work between systems theory, ecology, political economy, social science, permaculture design, art and radical pedagogy. Katy is particularly interested in putting resilience research into practice through participatory workshops and creative methods for bringing about change.

Endorsement Dr Bettina Geiken is a scientist, EU project manager, trainer and consciousness coach who likes to consider at the same time the technical aspects of any question alongside with the inner values and motivations of the individuals and cultures involved. Her purpose is to contribute to sustainable and conscious human development in all possible ways.

Dr Jennifer M. Gidley is President of the World Futures Studies Federation (UNESCO partner). As an educational and futures researcher, Jennifer builds on her career as a registered psychologist and innovative educator. She serves on the editorial boards of several academic journals, has published extensively on educational and youth futures and global mindset change, and is a sought-after international speaker.

Endorsement Dr Marc Luyckx Ghisi is Senior Advisor of Business Solutions Europa, Member of the Auroville International Advisory Council, and former Member of the Forward Studies Unit of the European Commission. He writes books and delivers presentations on the contemporary paradigm shift and its implications for the economy, politics and education. Marc is involved in several European networks, including the University for the Future Initiative, that are working toward the implementation of an education for the 21st century.

Dr Ananta Kumar Giri is Associate Professor at the Madras Institute of Development Studies (India). He has also taught and held research positions at universities in India, the United States and Europe, including the University of Kentucky, Aalborg University, University of Freiburg and Humboldt University Berlin, as well as the Maison des Sciences de l’Homme, Paris. Ananta explores cosmopolitanism and transdisciplinarity. He nurtures planetary conversations across many cultural, religious and epistemological boundaries.

Endorsement Lev Gordon is President of International East-European University (Russia), member of the Expert Council on International Relations, Committee on Education of the Russian Parliament, Advisor to the Mayor of the city of Izhevsk on strategy and international relations, as well as member of the Columbia Alumni Association and the Harvard Club.

Endorsement Jasenka Gojšić serves as Head of the

Dr Olen Gunnlaugson is an Assistant Professor in Leadership & Organizational Development within the Department of Management in the Business School at Université Laval, in Quebec City (Canada). Olen views business education as a key societal vehicle for developing and transforming the next generation of self-aware, sustainably-minded leaders and managers. He brings an increasingly multidisciplinary background to his research and consulting interests in leadership, communication in groups and teams, and executive coaching, which have been published across several books as well as numerous peer-reviewed academic journals and presentations at international conferences.

Dr Gary Hampson is an editorial board member of Integral Review and fellow of the Global Dialogue Institute, Philadelphia. He has a background in academic research, consulting and publishing on global mindset change, history of integrative thought, eco-logical education, and human identity. His interests include learning organisations, systems thinking, complexity theory, psychosynthesis and global perspectives.

Endorsement Knut Arild Hanstad is CEO of The Power of Sight and of Global Renaissance International. He is an entrepreneur, change management consultant and public speaker. His current focus is on developing an “Academy of Vision” and a “Global Renaissance Center” in Italy.

Endorsement Lucia M. Hasbach is founder and director of the Social Transformation Lab Banska Stiavnica. She studied Film at Brighton Film School (UK) and at the Academy of Performing Arts in Bratislava and realised projects promoting the implementation of media literacy into regular high school curricula. She also founded an NGO working on the generation gap, contributed to founding a Roma community centre, and worked as project manager in a youth centre, realising many festivals and youth exchanges.

Endorsement Oldřich Hozman graduated in architecture from the Academy of Arts, Architecture and Design in Prague. He has been working as a freelance architect since 1989. His designs incorporate the principles of feng shui, geomancy, ecology and organic architecture. He supports the holistic view on the creation of a healthy environment and architecture. He lectures on new approaches to architectural design, in harmony with nature.

Endorsement Zuzana Ledvoňová is a graduate student in psychology. She is also a team member of the Krumlovia Project.

Endorsement Dr Anežka Janátová is founder and director of the Academy of Social Arts Tabor in Prague as well as of the social-therapeutic centre run by her foundation Nadace Tabor. She has experience in research and psychological services, in therapeutic institutions for the handicapped, in work for drug abusers, for seniors, and for children. As director of the Jedlička Institute for physically disabled young people in Prague she has worked on their social inclusion.

Endorsement Dr Ulrich Kazmierski is Professor of Economics at the University of Applied Sciences Harz and at the University of Paderborn (Germany). His focal point is open-minded thinking (“Querdenken”), in which he combines scientific, economic and systems thinking. His interests includes “blind spots” in economic thinking and models, moral dilemmas in bureaucratic environment, system constellation in organisations and the question, how students and universities avoid learning.

Endorsement Gerd Klostermann has long term experience as executive and senior alliance manager in Central and Eastern Europe for companies in the software industries like Siemens, IBM and Oracle. Since 2010 he is operating a consulting company focused on executive coaching, integral leadership and development of organisational culture. Gerd also served on the board of the Tibet Initiative Munich and created the Ken Wilber working group in 1998 which later morphed into the German-Austrian Integral Forum association.

Endorsement Dr W. Julian Korab-Karpowic is a philosopher and political thinker. He has taught at many universities around the world. He is currently Professor and Director for Development at the Lazarski University in Warsaw (Poland). He has received a doctorate in philosophy from the University of Oxford (UK).

Endorsement Dr Wendelin Küpers is Professor for Leadership and Organisation Studies at Karlshochschule International University (Germany). Before he served as Associate Professor at the School of Management of Massey University (New Zealand). He works on integral forms of learning and education in organisation and leadership. His focus is on phenomenological, inter- and transdisciplinary research that includes emotional and creative/aesthetic dimensions.

Endorsement Bert van Lamoen is Professor (teaching MBA’s), change agent, entrepreneur and Dean at EmergentU. With four decades of experience in innovating and developing higher education in his backpack, he continues to call co-creating new business schools his passion.

Endorsement Vladimír Lobotka received his Master’s degree in philosophy, cosmology and consciousness at the California Institute for Integral Studies (USA). The focal points of his research are the shifts in the structures of consciousness in the course of the cultural history of Western civilization, and the dynamics informing the archetypal interplay underlying the processes of origin and disintegration of socio-cultural entities. Inter alia, he taught at the School for Transformative Leadership. He is also active in connecting Slovak non-profit organisations active in the sphere of permaculture, eco-architecture and integral education.

Endorsement Dr Bruce Lloyd is Emeritus Professor of Strategic Management. He spent over 20 years in industry and finance before joining the academic world in 1990 to help establish the Management Centre at what is now London South Bank University (UK). He has written extensively on a wide range of strategy and futures related issues over the past 30 years, with the focus of his recent work being on the role of Wisdom in Strategy, Knowledge Management and Leadership.

Endorsement Dr Nicholas Maxwell has devoted forty years of his working life to arguing that we need to bring about a revolution in academia so that it seeks and promotes wisdom and does not just acquire knowledge. He has published many papers and six books on this theme, especially From Knowledge to Wisdom (1984) and the upcoming How Universities Can Help Create a Wiser World: The Urgent Need for an Academic Revolution (2014). For thirty years he taught philosophy of science at UCL (University College London), where he is now Emeritus Reader.

Endorsement Dr Sue McGregor is Professor in home economics in the Faculty of Education at Mount Saint Vincent University (Canada). She has a keen interest in transdisciplinarity, integral studies, complexity thinking, moral leadership and transformative practice as they relate to home economics and consumer studies. Among many other publications, Sue is co-author of a book on transdisciplinary approaches in higher education. She is also an TheATLAS Fellow (transdisciplinarity leadership), a Docent in Home Economics at the University of Helsinki (Finland), and principal consultant for the McGregor Consulting Group.

Dr Markus Molz is Managing Director of the Alliance for the Future, Coordinator of the University for the Future Initiative, founding Board Member of the Institute for Integral Studies and Associate Editor of Integral Review. He has a broad background in transdisciplinary social sciences, integral studies, meta-studies, international project development and consulting of NGOs. His interests revolve around social and educational innovation, human unity/diversity and individual/societal transformation. His focus is on institutionalising transformative higher education and research.

Endorsement Wouter Murrath combines 25+ years of experience in the IT business with 10+ years of experience in personal development. He has discovered the wealth which is accessible through combining these worlds. With The Conscious Corporation he empowers others to grow into greater success via the route of a higher consciousness. Reflecting people’s beauty became a lifestyle for Wouter.

Endorsement Geanina Nae is a life long (un)learner with a heterarchical perspective on the world. She is passionate about challenging people to be inquisitive, open to the ever-present possibilities for newness in others and themselves, enhancing their potential, and enjoying the journey of it. With a background in medicine and international business, and a recent MA degree in “Learning and Development in Multilingual and Multicultural Contexts” from the University of Luxembourg, she is currently a prospective PhD student in cultural psychology with a focus on the teleogenetic aspect of human development.

Dr Emil Páleš is a former research fellow of the Slovak Academy of Sciences and works in the tradition of Slavonic integral studies. In 1994 he was founding the Sophia foundation and the School of Sophiology and is leading them since then. For seven years, he was also editing the quarterly journal Sophia. Emil applies integrative methodology in research on macrohistory, evolutionary biology and developmental psychology.

Endorsement Ruben Nelson has long been committed to the development of the whole mind as a critical dimension of whole persons dedicated to co-creating societies fit to live in and persons fit to live with. This thread can be seen through his life: as a Canadian student leader in the 1960s, as an advisor to the Canadian Prime Minister in the 1970s, as a Board member and President of the Association for Humanistic Psychology in the 1980s, as the inventor of the idea of Calgary as an Information Port in the 1990s, and now as Canada’s leading teacher and practitioner of the next generation of strategic foresight.

Paul Pollock is leader of an art school in Germany. He is also the founder of the Art+Cultural Pedagogical School in Tblissi (Georgia). Born in Australia he followed his Master studies in Art in Switzerland. Paul has given lectures and seminars and made exhibitions in all European lands, as well as in Brasil, Israel, and Australia.

Endorsement Dr. V. V. Raman is Emeritus Professor of Physics and Humanities at the Rochester Institute of Technology, Senior Fellow of Metanexus Institute and President of the Institute on Religion in an Age of Science. More information is available at his blog.

Endorsement Dr Jonathan Reams is Associate Professor at the Norwegian Unviersity of Science and Technology and serves as Editor-in Chief of Integral Review. His academic research and consulting practice have been focused on better understanding and implementing a developmental approach to leadership development. He has published articles and given conference presentations related to this topic, as well as in areas of integral education, transformative learning, spirituality and science and religion dialogue.

Dr Hannah Reich is working, training and researching in the field of constructive conflict transformation, social change and peace-building. Her area of specialisation are intercultural, asymmetrical social conflicts. Currently she works as a freelancer and part-time at the Institute for Foreign Cultural Relations (Institut für Auslandsbeziehungen), as well as at the Berghof Foundation, Berlin.

Matthew Rich is a Director of Operations at the Integral Education Center of MetaIntegral Foundation, and a certified trainer with the international Center for Nonviolent Communication. Matthew has diverse international experience in alternative education, communication, and organisational and human development. He is presently completing a Master‘s degree in Psychology from the International Centre for Integral Studies in Delhi.

Endorsement Michel Saloff-Coste is a vanguard artist, futurist, consultant and entrepreneur. He is a change catalyst working with individuals, corporations and government institutions to create “fast insights into alternative futures.” He serves as Executive Director of the International Institute for Futures Studies of Innovation Ecosystems at Lille Catholic University (France). As keynote speaker he has reached more than 10, 000 managers of the most important companies in the world over the last twenty years.  He is also co-founder of the French branch of the Club of Budapest, initiator of the Integral University of Paris seminar series, president of the NGO Design me a Planet, and international associate of the Copenhagen Institute for Futures Studies.

Dr Joyce Slater is Assistant Professor at the Departments of Human Nutritional Sciences and Community Health Sciences of the University of Manitoba (Canada). Her research interests are community food and nutrition security, influences on food choice, nutritional needs of marginalized populations, and the role of food literacy in health promotion and human ecology.

Endorsement Dr Štefan Szabó is chairman of the Ecological Educational/ Training Centre SOSNA in Slovakia, an inspiring example of sustainable living and environmental education. SOSNA disseminates ideas and practices on local sustainability and responsible lifestyles. In his work Štefan links ideas of environmental and social visionaries with practical solutions to meet basic human needs, in particular in rural and remote areas.

Endorsement Dr Valentina Tassone is Lecturer at Wageningen University (The Netherlands), Education and Competence Studies Chair Group. Since the late 1990s Valentina has conducted scientific research, consultancy and educational activities focusing on participatory processes, governance, policy analysis, cross-boundary education, transformative learning, mindsets and competence development for sustainability and quality of life. She has worked in interdisciplinary projects funded by the EU, WWF, International Union for Conservation of Nature, and many other international organizations.

Endorsement Sander Tideman is Assistant Professor at Nyenrode Business University (The Netherlands). After a career in law and banking he is dedicated to sustainable innovation, leadership and governance in the SEAL (Sustainable Enterprise and Action Learning) Institute that he co-founded. Both in academia and in practice he is working with leadership teams, creating inspiring and sustainable futures. Based on transformational principles of the mind Sander is working with a wide range of contemplative and action inquiry practices.

Endorsement Dr Hans J. Tümmers is Professor emeritus of European Studies, Founding Dean of the European School of Business, Reutlingen (Germany); former Dean of the Management School, Strasbourg University (France), and Affiliate Professor at HEC Paris.

Endorsement Claudine Villemot Kienzle is trainer, coach, and social architect, co-founder of the artLAB//Cénacle de fous, an integral artistic lab. She is certified trainer for Spiral Dynamics integral and certified “Agent of Conscious Evolution” with Barbara M. Hubbard.

Dr Arjen Wals is Professor of Social Learning and Sustainable Development at Wageningen University (The Netherlands). He also is a UNESCO Chair in the same field. The focus in his research, teaching and publications is on the question of how to create conditions that support new forms of learning. His goal is to help students and organisations take full advantage of the diversity, creativity and resourcefulness that is all around us, but so far remains largely untapped in our search for a world that is more sustainable than the one currently in prospect. More information at his blog on transformative learning.

Wasantha Wijewardena works in applied research on food, ecology and culture of South Asia and is active in curriculum development in Sri Lanka, Bhutan and the Maledives.

Endorsement Dr Christoph Woiwode is currently Visiting Professor at the Indo-German Centre for Sustainability, Indian Institute of Technology, Chennai (India). Previously, he served as lecturer at the Faculty of Spatial Planning, Technical University Dortmund (Germany) and advisor to the provincial government in Eastern Sri Lanka. Based on his boundary-crossing profile as an urban planner and anthropologist he is interested in identifying innovative social forces for sustainable living, at the nexus of sustainable urbanisation, climate change and the development of higher human potential.

Endorsement Dr Bozidar Bruce Yerkovich is an entrepreneur and scholar, founder of several companies and affiliate of several universities. His passion is unlocking true potential humans hold. He engages with a variety of projects and interest groups whose goals are in alignment with his core mission. He held positions at Wesleyan University, Rockefeller University, City University of Seattle, Merck and Co. Currently he is Assistant Professor at the University of Zadar (Croatia) where his research is focused on models of self-sufficiency in rural areas. He also owns and operates an ecological resort located inside a UNESCO biosphere reserve in Croatia.